• M A R K   T U B R I D Y

    Musician, innovator, and mixologist, Mark Tubridy is a trailblazer in the mixology scene and the mastermind behind over 70 recipes at one of New York’s legendary speakeasies, 21 club. Enjoying Mark’s cocktails and company, it becomes quickly evident that he’s a technician of his craft.
  • J U S T I N   N O E L

    Mixologist, entrepreneur, and philanthropist Justin Noel believes in chasing your dreams while remaining adaptable. Easier said than done, right? We were excited to learn about Justin’s approach to business building and journey to becoming an owner and partner in multiple successful spirits brands, restaurants, and bars across the world.
  • T O M M Y   F L Y N N

    Warm, laid-back and effortless are the words that come to mind when you meet Tommy Flynn, Beverage Director of Paper Daisy. Tommy takes pride in keeping his menus fresh and interesting, and his flowing creativity is on full display throughout Paper Daisy's one-of-a-kind menu.
  • K A T I E   R U E

    Katie Rue, Founder & Owner of Reception Bar, left her job as a successful options trader to pursue her dreams of creating an intimate cocktail lounge in New York City that would bring her Korean heritage to the foreground. We instantly felt a connection to Katie, and after learning more of her story, were completely inspired by her “no rules” approach to starting her own business and creating one-of-a-kind cocktails.
  • L U C I N D A  S T E R L I N G

    Lucinda Sterling is one of those awe-inspiring people who leaves you wanting to be her, and her best friend at the same time. A veteran and trailblazer of the cocktail scene, Lucinda’s journey to becoming a cocktail expert, menu consultant and partner of two successful bars has been far from conventional.